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The Naga's Child| Chapter 1 - A Worrying Cry
As the stars shined bright and the moon overlooked the earth the night was peaceful and beautiful, the night sky not hindered by the lights of man as it watched over the forest , the light shimmering off the rippling water as hands pulled out of it slowly, pulling out a fish who's scales shined colourfully in the moonlight that brushed its skin. Slowly it was put into a basket beautifully crafted with thatch from the forest that was filled with a collection of fish, exposed to the night sky the scales glowed silver as if they were ghosts but the shining stopped as a lid was softly placed on top, silently not damaging the silence that surrounded it. Picking it up was a woman, their long black hair flowed in the wind and as the star's gazed upon it the tint of purple could be seen at the tips slowly fading into the blackness that surrounded the forest floor. Her eyes were sharp and were a defined purple that slightly glimmered  in the darkness around, her upper half was well fit, so
:iconwolfclaw114:Wolfclaw114 6 6
Strange new neighbor.
I had heard that a new person had moved next door to me and it seems a lot of people are scared of her for some reason I haven't met her yet so I decided to go over next door and introduce myself so I go there and knock on the door and when I do the door opens and it theres a short girl who either seems to be about 10 or she might just be a short adult or teen and to my surprise she appears to be.
There really aren't any choices besides really this.
A.She is a young witch girl/kitsune girl/neko girl/naga girl/mouse girl/harpy girl/spider girl/ vampire girl
B.She is just a short teen witch girl/kitsune girl/neko girl/naga girl/mouse girl/harpy girl/spider girl/ vampire girl
C.She is just a short adult. witch girl/kitsune girl/neko girl/naga girl/mouse girl/harpy girl/spider girl/ vampire girl
vore (shrunk or at normal size)
being stepped on or sat on (me being at normal size or shrunk size)
cuddling and tickling
romance (unless  you choice her to be a young girl c
:iconbowser-and-himself2:Bowser-and-himself2 4 2,166
Tiny found in bedroom
I was just minding my own business relaxing in my bed when suddenly there is a bright flash of light from my window and I pass out and later when I come to I find myself tiny and in someone's bedroom. and soon I see a giant show looming over me and soon I see that it belongs to.
A.Sally my little sister she is rather playful when it comes to playing with me often jumping on my from behind or tickling attacking me when I lest expect it. Now that I'm tiny who knows what she might do with me.
B.Mary my big sister she is more of the strict person in the family when it comes to her things and other things but despite this she is nice just strict when it comes to certain things. I don't know if that is going to change with me being tiny or what she will do with me.
C.Becky is one of my friends she is a rather geeky girl and isn't scared to show off her smarts. She doesn't like to be out smarted which is rare but she isn't a real big loser about it she is also not bothered by people making fu
:iconbowser-and-himself2:Bowser-and-himself2 7 1,677
Kendal's Twilight Bliss - 14 by Tegra764
Mature content
Kendal's Twilight Bliss - 14 :icontegra764:Tegra764 77 13
Psychological experiment252 by SHRINKINGFAN
Mature content
Psychological experiment252 :iconshrinkingfan:SHRINKINGFAN 18 1
The Business of Revenge - Chapter 2, page 30 by SoleMan1 The Business of Revenge - Chapter 2, page 30 :iconsoleman1:SoleMan1 60 5
Sara's Misfortune Chapter 9 - Welcome to Hell
Sara reached the bathroom door, her source of light. Even at her diminutive size, she still had to crouch slightly to slip under the wooden barrier. Halfway under the door, the carpet started in Krystal's room. Sara laid down and began to crawl, the carpet supporting her tiny body like a vast mattress. As she slipped through, she stood up and surveyed the room. Krystal was sitting on the edge of her bed, slipping on a pair of socks. "Ah hell, might as well," Sara thought to herself. She began to wave her little arms above her head, and hollered, "Over here! Help!"
After shouting herself hoarse, Sara huffed and dropped her arms to her sides. Krystal couldn't hear her, her eyes never looked up from her shoes, or the phone in her hand. Sara took off in a sprint, the carpet springing slightly under her feet. It was similar to running on sand, minus the tiny grains getting everywhere. Sara kept her eyes on Krystal, and began yelling and waving her arms as she was about halfway across the fl
:icon3l33thax0r:3l33thax0r 12 0
Accident by LikewiseKinks
Mature content
Accident :iconlikewisekinks:LikewiseKinks 109 1
Mature content
Towering Bars Chapter 9 :icongrayman01:grayman01 22 16
Mature content
The Leaf Dragon FT part 1 :iconskunkyfarts:skunkyfarts 10 0
Mature content
SbaHSC Part 12 :icontiny-zane:Tiny-Zane 52 20
Alexis North - 56 by JamesMason0 Alexis North - 56 :iconjamesmason0:JamesMason0 84 11 Small game: Page 23. by nyom87
Mature content
Small game: Page 23. :iconnyom87:nyom87 126 1
Painted Zombie by Snowslasher Painted Zombie :iconsnowslasher:Snowslasher 1 2 The Game [VIDEO] by QMajor The Game [VIDEO] :iconqmajor:QMajor 296 78
Justice Unaware Part 2
Justice Unaware Part 2
Several weeks had passed since Berlin had tossed the unfortunate burglar into the harbour basin, folded, squashed and compressed under her ass into a tiny suitcase. She giggled to herself a bit whenever she thought back to it. Both at how surreal the whole circumstance was, and how she couldn't have thought of a more fitting punishment for the scumbag if she tried.
The effect it was having on her self confidence showed. Coworkers who would previously look down their nose at here were met with a stern retort to their usual belittling comments, and Berlin found that she could use her imposing stature and a few angry glares to her advantage. Even her once bitchy boss had a much gentler tone now, and during her performance review she had received a much needed (and much deserved) raise.
Although work was becoming less of a weight around her neck, and things in general seemed to be looking up, people had not altogether changed. On her walk home for instance the teens
:icongary2112:gary2112 81 5




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